It is a report from Dr Kinner Avashia, one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on 26 Aug – 20 Sep 2013.

I got fellowship of aado at the queen elizabeth hospital under dr. W.Y.Shen in orthopaedics and trauma department for four weeks duration (26th aug-20th sept). I got this opportunity by becoming a member of aado and then online application for the fellowship.

During the fellowship our routine was three days ot and two days in the out patient department out of working five days. Our professor dr. W.Y.Shen is a great teacher with very good knowledge in trauma surgeries above all he is very friendly and down to earth person. During our four week stay we had great time with him and his trauma team.

Everyday we used to have open discussion about cases to be operated and surgeries done. We learnt a lot about the basic principles of internal fixation. The best part of the team was even they used to admit the mistakes done by them during the surgery and how to improvize it in future.

The queen elizabeth hospital is a 1200 beded multi speciality govt. Hospital which is tertiary care and referal centre for the complex plevis and acetabulum fratures. The hospital itself is a very well organized and highly advanced set up.The operation theater complex is equipped with highly advanced instruments, very good staff and modern facilities. During our stay we got chance to see many complex pelvic injuries and very good management by the trauma team.

In the out patient department we used to have interaction with dr. Shen and even saw few interesting patients coming for the follow up. Dr.Shen continuously made sure to make us comfortable and never felt out of the place.

I got a chance to attend a three day conference and workshop at the orthopaedic learning centre bioskill lab at the prince of wales hospital. The topic was pelvic and acetabulum fratucures and their management. The focus was on 3-d nevigation the quality of cadevers were excellent and got the chance of taking various exposures. Even had interaction with international faculties professor gilbert (france) and prof. Ruger(germany) on the whole it was a great experience and my confidence of dealing with such fracturs reached to a new level.

The accomodation provided to us at the nursing quarters was also reasonabally good and satisfying all the basic necessasities.

At the end I would really like to thank dr shen and his team for the opportunity given to me and this fellowship has really changed the level of my thinking and has helped me to become a more mature surgeon and the fellowship was in real sense a skill enhancement programme.

Dr kinner avashia
Rajkot, gujarat

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